Thank you for the summer

Thanks for both sunny and rainy days, both cold and warm weathers.
Thanks for lovely trips to  far and near, thanks for both smiles and tears.
Thanks for everything, soon it is time to say farewell to summer again.


snapshots @ instagram

The time has flied and summer arrived. Not enough time to post too often.

Instead, I capture little snapshots of everyday life. Small moments, feelings, places and memories. If you're on Instagram, they can be followed here.


Ivana Helsinki 15 – Coming Home

Ivana Helsinki designs have been one of my sources of inspiration for over a decade now.
Visiting the "15 - Coming Home" exhibition at Designmuseum was an unique opportunity to revisit the previous collections and memories at once.

Each collection has its own, unique story behind it. Many of them are based e.g. on Paola's childhood memories. Not all the stories are only happy, such as the memories behind collections Dead Butterflies (SS 2007) and Fasan (AW 2007-2008), for instance. I love the way how a wide range of different feelings and memories have been turned into visual art and fashion. The touch of Northern melancholy combined with nostalgia delights in every collection.

Photos from the exhibition: Tuomas Peltomaa
Other photos from my archives

The first collection I truly fell in love with was Birds (2002). 
After the years, it still delights and brings memories from early 2000's.

Rouva (AW 2005) 
was and still is a very relevant collection for me:
it was launched during the same autumn when I became Mrs.

Starrain (AW 2009-10)
was born when Paola moved to New York and missed Finland.
Love the colors, materials and patterns.

Sailor (SS 2011)
Longing & nostalgia combined.

Velvet Lake (AW 2011-12) 
Just beautiful.

Indian Summer (SS 2012) 
My favorite collection.

Tapiola Kauniainen (AW 2012-13)
was not love at first sight, but nowadays liking the colors and patterns a lot.

Ivana Helsinki 15 – Coming Home exhibition at Design Museum open until April 7th.

Current collections available online, 2nd hand items from previous collections can be found here.



Corduroy skirt: flea market Vekarakirppis

Once a year, 
it is time to have some Baci Peruginas,
our Valentine's day tradition.

But every day is a special day to remember
the loved ones. ♥


winter is beautiful




Little guests had visited our mini garden.
A brown city hare, and someone a bit bigger one,
perhaps a fox?

Everything is yet asleep and silent,
 but the promise of spring is in the air,
every day and everywhere.



greetings from Legoland



Mini pop-up Legoland in the living room. ♥

Once upon a time,
long time ago
there was a studio flat
and the flat was clean and silent
and there was a dream
about a hallway full of tiny mini wellies
and a living room full of Lego bricks
and such a mess and noise,
such a life.